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Friday, May 22, 2009


As urbanization arose in the metropolis, the risk of living in an unhygienic world also arose. The possibility of having malady of any kind particularly respiratory diseases is great, for air pollution is a widespread already. It is the effect of all the obliviousness of people when it comes to taking-care-of-nature-thing.

With these serious and dangerous effects who do we expect to be blamed? The government? The drivers? Well, the answer is all of us is to be blamed. No exception. We cannot blame a taxi driver alone, or a bus driver alone; we cannot blame the government, for they have done their part. You are to be blamed. I am to be blamed.

I believe that the youth has supposedly have something to say regarding this particular matter. It is being discussed inside the school, so we should be the ones acting and putting the lessons into action and applying it because we have the been thought and we are aware of it. I am not saying that the older generation will not act for nature, all I wanted to say is that we, youth, has the ample knowledge regarding the matter than anyone else, so we should know our part and do it. It may be a simple act of keeping of a candy wrapper inside your pocket or not using a straw when drinking a soft drinks but it is a great help for mother earth.

Do our part and know our responsibilities. We and the future generation will be the ones who will be benefiting from its outcome.

Acting for Mother Nature is like a balancing from a wire attached from a two-high posts. It should be done with care and proper strategies. One step at a time. Every step is crucial. One mere wrong step can be very costly.

Do your part!

Monday, April 27, 2009